Top Mountain Bike Brands


Are you in the market for a new mountain bike? If so, then one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is the brand. There are various options but here are some of the best ones:

1. Kona
Here’s another popular MTB manufacturer that’s located in the Pacific Northwest of the US. The company was launched in 1988 and is still owed by the same two Canadians. The company is headquartered in Washington state, which Canadians/EU distribution offices. Fans of the brand often claim it’s the best MTB brand on the market. They share that once people purchase a Kona they’ll be pleased with it.

2. Merida
If you’re looking for mountain bikes here is another good option. In fact, it’s often considered to be better than other big MTB brands. People who buy Merida have shared it’s become their personal favorite brand. That’s in terms of features including the quality/performance. In particular, the brand has received high marks for affordability and quality. It’s a good option if you want a good quality MTB but don’t want to spend a small fortune on it.

3. Yeti
Here’s another of the best MTB companies on the market. It’s popular among professional and casual bikers alike. In fact, people who have bought Yeti bikes often share it’s their favorite MTB brand. They’ve received high marks for things like down-hill biking, speed, and suspension. These are all reasons people often keep buying mountain bikes from Yeti.

A key feature of Yeti bikes is the versatility. In fact, the bike has received high marks for the functionality the bikes provide compared to mass-produced bikes. This makes it an excellent option versus other bikes on the market. In fact, some people have even claimed it’s the best bike in its price range, which is certainly high praise for Yeti.

4. Scott
This is one of the most popular and best mountain bike manufacturers. The company produces high-quality bikes in terms of their form and function. People who have bought bikes from this company have often purchased several ones. The bikes have received high marks for various reasons. They include the reliability, details, etc. In addition, Scott produces a wide range of bikes for men, women, kids, etc. So, you could pick bikes for the whole family from one manufacturer.

5. GT
This company is famous for designing/manufacturing mountain, BMX, and road bikes. The company is now a division of a Canadian company, which also produces other brands like Cannondale, Mongoose, Schwinn, and others. All of the bikes are produced in Asia.

GT has become famous for bikes with various features including durability. This is certainly one of the key features of mountain bikes since they’re ridden on rugged terrain. Many people who pick GT mountain bikes have been pleased about their purchase.

6. Rocky Mountain Bicycles
This brand is named after the famous mountain range in the US. The Canadian bike manufacturer was incorporated several decades ago in 1981. The company’s bikes are designed/tested on technical trails in Vancouver. They’ve received high marks for the results.