MTB terrains

How to Get Started with Mountain Biking

MTB terrains


If you are interested in riding a mountain bike but never tried any biking before, this guide is for you. Mountain biking (MTB) is different from the biking experience you see on roads – the latter is road biking. Mountain biking is for you if you want to ride a bike while exploring nature.
Road bikes and mountain bikes have different characteristics. You can easily tell the difference by their looks:

-They have fatter tires and a rugged tread designed for durability and stability for off-road terrain
-Your body is forced to be in an upright position when you cycle wherein you get to enjoy the view
-Some of these bikes come with suspension systems that absorb the shock, giving you a more pleasant ride

There are different ways that you can enjoy mountain biking, and it doesn’t have to be in the mountains. The trails designed for mountain biking vary from the most pleasant ones in wide areas that are flowing with logging roads on the way to challenges filled with a high-adrenaline rush on a technical singletrack.

Different types of Terrain for mountain biking

For beginners that are just starting to get the feel of the terrain, the flat and smooth trails are the best ones, to begin with. Different agencies offer their services for a guide on mountain biking trails wherein they mark every trail according to skill level. These levels adhere to standards and are maintained.

Singletrack – this is the most common type of trail, which has a width that varies between a little wider than the shoulders up to one that is wide enough for two bikes to pass through. Many of these trails are open for one-way travel.
Doubletrack – this type of trail is usually double in width of the singletrack trail that has enough room for two bikes riding side-by-side. Sometimes the doubletrack trails open to logging roads that are already abandoned, power line roads and fire roads. This is where the tires of the vehicles have made the two single tracks. The doubletrack trails are mostly at a gentler level compared to the singletrack and usually have reduced technical features.

Mountain bike terrain park – it is already mentioned above that there are agencies that provide trails for mountain bikers. These trails are maintained as a way for these agencies to get income. Some of these agencies have opened up these trails only for mountain bikers – they only created tracks and less on manmade infrastructures. These terrain parks are popping up one after another starting from the jump-and-pump tracks that go through the urban overpasses all the way to the lift-serviced trails made by ski resorts. Expect to see halfpipes, elevated bridges, banked corners, berms, jumps in different sizes and the hairy downhill switchbacks.

You may not have learned about what your mountain bike can do for you and which one you should buy must you pursue mountain biking, but the information above will give you a good idea what you are going to go through should you engage in this activity.