Cycling Myths And Misconceptions

Cycling like any sport has got a lot of stories surrounding it that you sometimes wonder what is true and what is not. But all in all a lot of these stories is what makes the sport interesting. I remember the first time I ever watched a race car match was when I heard that people can actually be crushed and sometimes the audience can get involved too. I know it is probably awful of me to get interested in a sport where people can get that hurt but the idea of watching the action unfolding was irresistible. Long story short every sport has its own stories that get you hooked up to it but some are just myths and nothing like that ever happens. We have taken the initiative to come up with a few myths and misconceptions about cycling that will make cycling an interesting sport for you.

Cycling is expensive
Well, everything in this world has a price tag and nothing is for free. But that doesn’t mean that getting a nice bike will leave your bank account empty and leave you in debt. The key to having a perfect bike and stay on budget is to plan ahead and have a look at your budget and all your savings. You can always start small by getting yourself a bike that doesn’t cost as much. It doesn’t have to be your dream bike but a bike that has the same features as your dream bike will serve you before you save enough to get ‘’the bike’’ you desire. Getting the accessories like the helmets and gloves is actually really affordable and most bikes come with their helmets in your right size.

Women have to get women-specific bikes
This is one of the common lie and total crap that is believed by all the women around the world. We are in the 21st century for crying out loud there is nothing like women specifics bikes and the men bikes. Get a bike that serves your size and fits your features not forgetting is under your budget. Call me a feminist but I think looking for a suitable bike does not have to be gender specific. Women everywhere can ride any bike they desire and have fun with it. Gone are the days where getting a bike or any other thing had to be the guys’ thing. Ladies everywhere that idea is overtaken and outdated. Look for a bike that suits your preferences and own it with pride.

Shaving your legs is only for the professionals
I mean whoever came up with this idea was probably the laziest person in the world or the most unhygienic person ever. And how he or she managed to convince a lot of people is still a mystery to me. Like how does shaving your legs connect to being a pro only thing? This is one of the worse lies in the human history. It is advisable to shave your legs to keep them smooth, neat and hygienic. You don’t want to be that guy with gorilla legs in the track or road. This could not only be embarrassing for you but might also end up giving a bad impression to your fellow riders. And come on there is nothing satisfying like that clean and freshly shaved skin that you get to parade to everyone to see. Additionally, if you want to reduce the drag effect from all your hairy legs just get them shaved and improve efficiency to brush off the wind past you.

The weight of your bike is everything
This is not entirely true and your bike weight does not always increase your speed. Unless you are used to mountain climbing then a heavier bike is probably the best one for you. Bike weight is not one of the most essential factors t having a great bike ride. There are other factors that make a bike faster and improve your bike balance like aerodynamics, how to increase the speed of your bike and control your bike gears. Finding a bike that you can control should always be your key important thing to consider while looking for the perfect bike for you. Properties of a good bike are a lot ranging from the handles of the bike, the bike size and some of the features of the bike. This means that the weight of your bike is quite insignificant in increasing your bike confidence.

Go hard or go home
This famous say does not always apply in cycling. You don’t want to cycle so hard that you forget to slow down and take a breath along the way. Always keep in mind that as you give your all on the bike there are the good old days that you need to just relax and build your strength and just enjoy riding your bike with no stress and pressure. Not every ride you take should feel like a competition sometimes it is advisable to just lay back and let the others fight and sweat and do all the sprit s while you just ride back relaxed. This doesn’t mean that you are getting tired of cycling it simply means you are taking time out to recharge and have an amazing comeback.

Cycling is dangerous
Every sport has its dangers that are why all sports give you that rush in adrenaline and live your body rejuvenated. I don’t know what is all about the uncertainties of an even that keeps you thrilled up and fascinated at the end. Every sport has its a million and one ways to cause injuries that’s what makes them unique. I know you are probably thinking well baseball is not dangerous, but picture this you get hit by the ball and you suffer a concussion or worse case a brain damage. All you need to do to minimize the rate of accidents is to always have the safety gears on. Wear helmets always to minimize a head injury in case you crush. Furthermore, wear reflective jerseys and cycling jackets to make sure that you are easily sported by the drivers on a busy highway. Safety is key to any sport and cycling is not an exemption. Install the proper headlights and the tail lights to ensure that a car can easily see you during the heavy winter times or during the night and always follow the traffic rules.

In most sports people tend to come up with their own theories about the game. But that’s what makes the sport interesting. Imagine how boring the sports would be if there are no added stories behind the sports.
Have fun and as always be safe!